Up, up and away!

Welcome to the Blush Box blog. A place where we will keep you regularly updated on our adventures as we explore love and sex in games. Our first stop; Lyst Summit in Hamar,  Norway.

Most of the team left on Tuesday, 21st June but at different times and from different cities. We are so very thankful for the lovely folk who sponsored and donated to our GoFundMe Campaign but we sadly were not able to send the whole team over with members dipping into their wallets to cover any shortfalls. The deliciously talented Lauren will remain in her Perth fort but -DO NOT FEAR- she will be flexing those kick-butt illustration and concept art skills during the game jam remotely using the internet and Time Lord Wizardry. If you're feeling generous the fundraiser is still active. Any excess funds will go towards industry events like workshops and game jams that we are planning to hold back in Australia.

We all made use of time in the lead up to Hamar: Katie and I dished out some impromptu acapella in customs, Bea got inking with some adorable sketches of her surroundings while Shell and Anna took a culinary break away from an epic torrent making its way through Thailand.

In the end we all made it to Hamar and boy, oh boy it is so SERENE! A delightfully refreshing part of the world where lush, rolling hills meet huge masses of water with cottages so cute I want to put them in my pocket.

Equipped with mostly network-less phones, a local kindly offered hers to call our AirBnB host, Harald. At this point Shell and Anna had already made their way there while Harald went on a bit of a  goose chase trying to find the rest of us. With some help from Ingenue - a wonderfully helpful tourist info centre staff member with killer eyeliner - Harald found us, woo’ed us over with his charisma and dropped us off to the AirBnB. Here we made friends with a diligent mow-bot we’ve named Yardley. Which reminds me, I need to buy googly eyes tomorrow.

After a picnic feast fit for queens (thanks Shell and Anna!), most of the team went to get some shut eye while Katie and I met up with fellow game devs Patrick Jarnfelt (Copenhagen Game Collective)  and Ole Andreas (Krillbite Studio / Snow Software) for white wines at $15AUD a pop (ouch!) with a good pinch of chit-chat on Lyst summit, conspiracy theories and unicorns. Not even kidding.

It’s now 12ish-am and the sun is still out. What is this I don’t even!?

Watch this space as we continue to share our Norwegian exploits giving you insight into the game we make at Lyst Summit.

We really couldn’t have explored this project without our 'Netflix and Chill' sponsor CG Spectrum, 'First Date' sponsor Smithsoft and our GoFundMe donors (don't forget you can still donate!). You are all diamonds! Upwards and onwards towards meaningful love and sex games!

Much love,

Kim and the Blush Box team <3


Kim Allom