Code of Conduct

Please read the following information before applying for heartbeat. :) <3


everyone is welcome unless you're an ass.

Heartbeat is an inclusive event. We welcome people of all races, genders, religious denominations etc. 

We will not tolerate any kind of racist, sexist, transphobic, homophobic or otherwise personally derogatory behavior.

If you have any trouble at our events, feel free to find any one of the heartbeat organisers and talk to them about your issue. 


Free places for EXPERIMENTAL ideas

Heartbeat is a place for pushing boundaries and experimentation. Feel free to create any form and genre of game that you would like to.

Nothing you make is useless or unhelpful. Every thought you put into considering the challenges of representing intimacy in video games is worthwhile. 


open mindedness

We're here to try new things, mash up our thoughts, and have fun. Come to this summit knowing that you will be thrown in with a group of new people who you may not have worked with before. Come with an open mind and a kind heart and we promise you'll learn something new. 



Sexual content

Heartbeat is a conference about love and sex. You may see images of nudity, hear discussions with sexual themes and hear people speak about these kinds of topics.



Do not touch anyone without their consent at this event. There will be sexual content in the talks and discussion which may heighten peoples sensitivity to such things. Let's all be clear about our boundaries,  ask and don't assume anything. 
If you violate these rules you will be asked to leave.