Heartbeat is a three day symposium and game jam about love, sex and romance held in an exotic Australian location.

brought to you by blushbox collective! 



The event will take place from 19th-21st January 2018


Heartbeat goes for three glory filled days in the middle of the Australian Summer. 

The first day is a series of half hour talks by a variety of interdisciplinary speakers who use the themes of love sex and romance in their work. 

At the end of the first day attendees for the game jam will be assigned into groups based on skills they identified in the application form and sent off to brainstorms some concepts. 

Saturday and Sunday will be spent game jamming and making friends with your team :)

Sunday will be for play-testing and final versions will be uploaded.

We'll have short presentations and then head to the after party in beautiful Byron Bay. 

Bring your free hearts, your best brains and your open minds. 

Heartbeat has some rules to help you think outside the traditional way that we develop games ;) Come expecting to challenge yourself.

You are allowed to make ANY TYPE of game. Board Game, Physical Game, Digital Game, Alt Game, Folk Game, Video Game it's up to you. your game does not have to be good, finished, polished, playable or just one game. you don't even have to let people play your game if you want to make something personal or you can completely destroy it forever at the end of the jam. it's up to you how you experiment here. 


there will be some secret rules...


Heartbeat's inaugural year will be taking place in BYRON BAY, Australia.

The grounds of the symposium are surrounded by a beautiful garden and a pocket of rain forest. The location is a creative warehouse about 10 minutes drive from the waterfront and hub of Byron Bay Township. 

Byron Bay is known for it's natural beauty and is a tourist destination for people all over the world. 

We hope the beauty and romance of this town will inspire you to think differently about making video games.

Byron Bay.jpg


WEEKEND PASS (includes symposium + gamejam) = $150.00AUD (ex GST)

SYMPOSIUM ONLY = $75.00 (ex GST)

Lunch will be provided for the three days.

You will be responsible for your own accommodation. You won't need to pay until you get an application confirmation email in September where we will send you payment details :)


Heartbeat is by application :) You can select if you want to attend the Gamejam and the Symposium or just the Symposium on the linked form below.

Application form is linked below!

Before applying please read our Code of Conduct.

Application acceptance will be announced mid Sept.