Hi! Hello! Welcome!

We are Blush Box Collective, a group of game developers from around Australia who have banded together in the name of exploring and promoting love and sexuality in video games. 

We exist to give developers and creatives a forum to discuss how to include love and sexuality in games.

We have the following core tenets:

1.  Create and prototype ideas,

2. Host and run events and exhibitions

3. Curate resources and recommendations related to these topics.

Anyone is welcome to join or contribute


Blushbox was founded in 2016 in order to establish a collective of developers interested in exploring love, sex and romance games. We crowd funded  our team to travel to Hamar, Norway to attend Lyst Summit in order to kick off our prototyping and gather information from Lyst Summit in order to set up a love, sex and romance symposium in Australia.

Attending Lyst was an amazing experience for us and changed the way we think about love, sex and romance. We knew we needed to carry on the legacy and traditional that Lyst had begun so we spoke with the organisers Andrea Brasch  and Patrick Jarnfelt about how to set up something similar here in Australia. Their pioneering work in the area of love and romance games is the reason Heartbeat exists. 

What are we doing?

We're creating prototypes of games we'd like to see, curating resources and creating events that revolve around these topics. We also speak publicly on representation of love and romance in games around the world :)

Anyone can join the collective and help with:

- Game Jams

- Prototyping

- Blogs

- Resource pooling

- Content creation

Why are we doing that?

We find it interesting! Games as a medium is very young and hasn't been part of the same discussion revolving around the representation of themes such as romance, love and sex, as for example film.

Topics of sex and romance are under-represented in games and yet sexuality is an emotional stronghold of fun and human experience.

If games and stories are meant to make us feel something why are we neglecting some of the more emotionally tickling topics?

How can you help!?

  • Share what we are doing over social media
  • Come to our events
  • Submit your ideas!
  • Submit a love collection, 6-9 game titles that contain love, sex and romance themes. Please submit via the contact form and provide a short summary of who you are and why you like those titles. We'll post it to our collection page :)

Here’s a pre-made text you can share to give us more visibility and help us reach our funding goals! Too hard!? Click the Twitter button below and we'll do it for you :)

“Blush Box are a magical collective of game devs dedicated to the discussion of love romance and sex in games. Follow them @blushboxCLTV

Need more information? Shoot us an email at helloblushbox@gmail.com