Katie Stegs


Katie Stegs is a jargon filled monster made of marketing KPIs. She is the co-founder of Lumi Consulting and Blushbox Games—a collective of devs making and hosting events on love, romance and sexy sex. She is a hurricane of marketing, designer of weird art and physical games and lover of David Mitchell. 


Kim Allom


Kim works as producer for Defiant Development. She's a Jill of all trades and a mistress of fun with a knack for efficient project completion. She's a Tech Girls are Super Heroes mentor, two-time nominee of the MCV Pacific Women in Games list, has appeared on MCV's 30 under Thirty and she Makes Nice. In her spare time, Kim is actively engaged in the local music, arts and games community. She also makes a killer pumpkin and spinach lasagne..


Bea Bravo

2d artist

Bea is an emerging 2D artist extraordinaire based in Brisbane. She is the creator of Comic SteShe records super cute Let's Plays, is an absolute craft queen and rocks a new shade of awesome in her hair every time you see her.


Lauren Fletcher

ux artist

Lauren is an illustration marvel, splitting her time between work with Hungry Sky and freelance projects. She's a pokemon expert, kawaii princess and ready to knock your socks off her with art.


Shell Osborne

programming and design

Shell is a coding aficionado and committed educator.  She is the Department Coordinator for CG Spectrum’s new Games and Programming department, an MCV Pacific Women in Games nominee and champions diversity in her ground-breaking projects that are largely drawn from personal experiences.