Heartbeat is excited to host an amazing array of speakers from a variety of different disciplines. Their work is inspired in some way by the themes of love, sex and romance.


Richard Pieterse

Game Designer, Freelives and Team Lazerbeam

Richard is an adult human based in Cape Town, South Africa. He is currently working on an over scoped dick joke called Genital Jousting. He is also one third of the punk-game-band, Team Lazerbeam, who make cute/weird games about anthropomorphic snow cones and speed dating wrestlers. His parents are very proud of him. @nekropants

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martin Kvale

Martin Kvale is best known for his work on Among the Sleep (2014), Lights and Sounds: Diary of a Game Sound Designer (2015) and Hidden Folks (2017).

He is currently the Sound Designer at Hamar Based game development studio, Krillbite.

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Lucie Bee

Lucie Bee is an escort, activist, geek and erotic adventurer with a penchant for sharing her interests and talents with friends, lovers and fans. Lucie has spoken on sex and gaming at cons all over australia and been a regular in the media when is comes to sex work activism. We're excited to have Lucie at Heartbeat to share her unique perspective and insights on sex and games.

Josh Muller

Josh Muller, a psychologist who is passionate about wellbeing, sexuality and gender;

Psychologist Josh Muller navigates past defences and fears, showing how vulnerability is the key to intimacy. Strip back the plate mail and embrace your gooey centre. Get connected by letting go and stepping towards a raw honesty. Flexibly balance safety and risk to deepen your connection to yourself and loved ones.

Krissy Kneen

The Monotomy of Monogamy 

Krissy Kneen has written hundreds of sex scenes over 4  books concerned entirely with the erotic. In this session she will discuss the tricks she uses to seduce her reader and keep them interested for the length of a book or the length of a body of work.


Elie Abraham

Elie Abraham is a composersound designer, voice actor, and unyielding game jammer who has worked on 40 jam games in 2017 alone. Elie is half of indie game studio Ian & Elie making games such as Sature and Stacks On Stacks (On Stacks). Elie is also a performer who can be caught delivering stand-up comedy and DJing at game and other events as Meduusa


Brittany Leggans

Brittany is a genderqueer bisexual rabblerouser and serious tabletop gamer. A frequent speaker on topics of diversity and inclusivity in games. Brittany is the founder of Hella Gay Games, an indie dev studio that makes tabletop games that are hella queer & inclusive af. She also runs the HGG Collective, a Brisbane-based space for growing a diverse group of aspiring tabletop game designers and thinks you, yes you, should make a tabletop game.

Workshops (Saturday)


Émilie Poissenot

Modular Narrative. More infomation coming. 

Emilie will teach us how we can move from branching narrative to systemic and still have a meaningful story and not a random one.


Jennifer Scheurle

Jennifer Scheurle is the lead game designer on Opaque Space's project Earthlight. Now she's working with NASA but in a past life she was a shibari rope model. Jenn's workshop will be a beginners guide to the art and body confidence that shibari can deliver.


Louis Roots

Louie is the owner of eclectic small gallery Bar SK. Before this Louie worked at Kiloo as a designer on Subway Surfers and ran SK Games in Perth famous for cult classics, Cat Nips and Bush Bash (*check out this video if you haven't already seen it) Louie is pro at creating custom controllers intended for public display.  In this workshop he'll teach you how to think about and display your games in a public and social context. 


Josh Muller

Josh is a psychologist specialising in LBGTQI issues and has a passion for mindfulness and sexuality psychology. In the heat of the summer and just as our brains are melting Josh will take us to the beach or to the forest in Byron's surrounds and teach how about self care and self-love.

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