Heartbeat is excited to host an amazing array of speakers from a variety of different disciplines. Their work is inspired in some way by the themes of love, sex and romance.


Richard Pieterse

Game Designer, Freelives and Team Lazerbeam


Richard is an adult human based in Cape Town, South Africa. He is currently working on an over scoped dick joke called Genital Jousting. He is also one third of the punk-game-band, Team Lazerbeam, who make cute/weird games about anthropomorphic snow cones and speed dating wrestlers. His parents are very proud of him.

Martin Kvale.jpg

martin Kvale

Martin Kvale is best known for his work on Among the Sleep (2014), Lights and Sounds: Diary of a Game Sound Designer (2015) and Hidden Folks (2017).

He is currently the Sound Designer at Hamar Based game development studio, Krillbite.

Rumours: I heard a rumour that Martin Kvale knows how to play the Hapi drum better that anyone on the planet. 


to be announced

Rumours: I was in the hall the other day cutting maths and I overheard them say that they were talking to Ruby Rose. Have you SEEN Orange is the New Black? Girl is DICE!